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Extra Luggage

Usually, we are able to fit at least eight normal-sized suitcases and then hand luggage in the rear of the vehicle and still have room for seven passengers. For jumbo cases or a larger amount of luggage, you may need a trailer.

Customers are able to call us before their journey to advise if they have extra luggage. During the call, we will discuss how many cases they have, how many cases we can cater for, where they are travelling to, and any other specifications they have. Based on this information, we will issue them a quote.

Acquiring the Trailer

If you are leaving the UK to emigrate abroad and are taking the last of your possessions with you, we are able to supply the vehicle with a large luggage trailer. The trailer is enclosed to keep your belongings dry and secure, and can carry a further 10 luggage cases as well as golf clubs and other large items. For fares up to £100, the trailer is charged at an additional £25, while a £35 charge is applicable for fares of more than £100.


Contact us now, in Grays, Essex, for more details about having extra luggage during our airport transfers and transport services.